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Laika, some "Missing Link" Character paints

Hi everyone. Here some of the characters that I painted at Laika in Portland for the movie missing link! It was challenging cause it was not just about painting, it was also a matter of texturing and rendering cause it was for real puppets for stop motion. The production designer Nelson Lowry and the costume designer Deborah Cook (who already won 2 awards for her amazing costume designs on Coraline and kubo) were very picky about it, but I learned a lot. Especially about not doing a review too close from the windows of the building cause some crazy fan come to film the inside with a drone! =) But what an amazing experience. Thanks to @lowrynelson , Trevor Dalmer and Matt Fried for giving me the opportunity to work on their project and Anna Kvorning .
Design by the talented Juliaon Roels.
I can't wait to share